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Since establishing KineticVet in 1999, founders and practicing veterinarians Drs. Scott and Stuart Pierce continually strive to develop products that are well researched, clinically tested and offer good value.  

KineticVet introduced Conquer®, the first orally administered equine hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance found throughout the body in both animals and humans. It is an integral component of the joint—providing support, lubrication, shock absorption and flexibility. KineticVet has since expanded its equine product line in the areas of joint health, performance, hoof care, weight management and skin and coat health. More recently, KineticVet has developed products for livestock, companion animals and humans.

Driven by consumer needs, KineticVet prides itself on being a transparent, science-first company. All products are tested for potency and purity in independent laboratories prior to being released for sale. You can be sure what’s printed on the label is what is put in the bottle. And, we are a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).

KineticVet manufactures a vast array of products including:


Medical Devices



Kinetic Vet is dedicated to creating simple, scientifically-guided solutions to complex problems, taking the animal’s whole health into consideration.

Dr. Scott Pierce, DVM

Dr. Stuart Pierce, DVM,

Decades of service, generations of experience

Founded in 1999 by brothers and veterinarians Drs. Scott and Stuart Pierce, Kinetic Vet brings experience in clinical practice and animal husbandry that dates back generations. The company has been grounded in the science of product development since day one. Striving to find common-sense solutions to common ailments, they deliver patients high-quality products that are backed by clinical research and evidence-based practices.

With a deep understanding of and connection to the animal health industry’s needs, they keep their thumb on the pulse of what’s current and what’s missing in the market.

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Questions And Answers

All KineticVet products are manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities. Products are tested before being released.

As with most supplements, palatability will vary from horse to horse and dog to dog. But, most customers report that KineticVet’s supplements are palatable, and we rarely have issues with horses or dogs eating them.

KineticVet has not done any product testing on pregnant or lactating mares. It is always best to contact your veterinarian about the safety of a product.

Contact the place from which you purchased the product to see what their return policy is. In most cases, you can return a product for replacement.

No, KineticVet products do not require a prescription. However, many of them are vet-only products, so you will need to contact your veterinarian to order.

Yes, all Kinetic Vet products are made in the USA.

Much of the EquiShield line is only available through a veterinarian. Contact your veterinarian or other animal health provider to order.

We recommend consulting the governing body of the particular show in question (e.g., FEI, USEF).

As with any supplement and/or topical product, the time it takes to see improvement varies. Generally, positive changes can usually be seen within 30 days.

Unless the product has been exposed for a long time to very extreme conditions, the efficacy of the product should still be good. It is the base, either the gel or powder, that is most affected by extreme conditions. If the gel or powder has returned to an administrable state, the product should work as normal.