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Approximately 5 weeks in [using EquiShield SA (Skin & Allergy)] and already seeing a difference.  [My mare's] skin allergies have been so bad that I contemplated moving her back to New Hampshire from Florida....she has been covered in hives, rubbed her thick beautiful mane off, but she has finally stopped rubbing and scratching...I think we can stay now.  Thank you so much for this wonderful product!


Compass from Kinetic Vet has been a key component in successful joint therapy at Outlaw Equine.  The safety and efficacy of this product has been second to none.  The improvment in joint health is beneficial to our clients and their equestrian atheletes.  

Outlaw Equine Hospital and Rehab

EquiShield CK HC Shampoo, CK HC Salve and SB (Sun Block) have dramatically improved the chronic pastern/heel bulb dermatitis on my draft cross.  I have tried so many "remedies' and this has provided the best results.  Such a relief to have found Kinetic Vet's EquiShield line!

Suzanne Cannon

As a practicing equine veterinarian, it is great to have a company that supplies us with effective, quality products.  They have invested significant resources to produce medications that work on a variety of skin issues.  The owners and sales force go above and beyond to support the equine industry.  A top notch company!!

Dr. Tony Kimmons

We used EquiShield SB (Sun Block) to help this surgical site heal, we love that it has chlorhexidine for wound healing and is antimicrobial.  The citronella helps to keep the flies off, EquiShield SB isn’t just for sunburn!

Central Georgia Equine Services

My mare ended up having a deep ulcer and needed a hoof wall resection. I’ve been using KeraMend Hoof Crack and White Line Paste to keep the area clean and it’s been amazing! The area has stayed dry and protected and this stays on for days.

Lauren Shamon

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